You can use the contact form to send us an e-mail or use the direct message app to message us. You can also call us on +31 (0)495 462 377 or stop by during our ‘Drop-in days’ which are held every Tuesday at our head office in Stramproy.

If you are already working for PrismaWorx, you can also read the brochure ‘Working for PrismaWorx’. You can ask one of our intermediaries for the brochure or download it via the PrismaWorx Employee Portal.

Besides our general rules of conduct, we also attach great importance to respect for each other. In fact, this is one of the core values of PrismaWorx. We believe it is very important that everybody, regardless of their background or country of origin, is treated equally. Respect for our clients and the world around us is also enormously important.

We also have a number of basic rules. Dealing in drugs, violent behaviour, committing theft, or arriving at work under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs are all strictly prohibited. Contravening one or more of these rules will result in immediate dismissal. PrismaWorx will also report any criminal offences to the police.

All employees must always respect and comply with the rules that apply at the work locations. You will receive and sign a copy of these internal rules when you start working at PrismaWorx. Failure to comply with these rules can lead to suspension or even dismissal. This also applies to the house rules at the PrismaWorx residential location.

Communication with PrismaWorx’s employees takes place mostly by e-mail and using other media. For example, PrismaWorx will send your payslip to your personal e-mail address every month. We also use your personal e-mail address to give you access to the PrismaWorx Employee Portal and send you information or request information from you.

It is your responsibility to make sure we have the correct e-mail address for you, so please use the direct message app to let us know about any changes straight away.

Yes, PrismaWorx strictly observes the applicable laws and regulations in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Our employees are very important to us. That is why we also have the SNF and SNA quality marks and are affiliated to the Dutch Association of Temporary Employment Agencies (ABU). You can find more information about our ABU membership and our other certifications here.

We have people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures working for PrismaWorx. Most of our employees comes from Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland, but of course employees of all nationalities are welcome at PrismaWorx. After all, it not their background but their qualities that matter to us!

To ensure the best possible communication, it is important that employees of PrismaWorx have at least some knowledge of the English or German languages.