Looking for motivated flex workers in Belgium?

PrismaWorx specializes in the selection, mediation, and placement of flex workers.

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Looking for workers in Belgium

Are you looking for flex workers for a specific period – for example, to deal with production peaks, illness, or employee holidays? PrismaWorx would be happy to help you find a suitable solution. Since 2006, we have been serving the Belgian market from our head office in the Netherlands (Stramproy, close to the Belgian border) and our location in Belgium (Kinrooi).

In Belgium, there are rules on which organizations are allowed to perform activities for third parties. PrismaWorx has the accreditation required to perform activities in Belgium on both an interim basis and a subcontracting basis.

Every interim agency needs to obtain accreditation prior to making temporary workers available. This is firstly to protect the employees and job seekers, but also to combat unfair competition in the sector. PrismaWorx has the accreditation and certification required for the performance of interim activities by flex workers all over Belgium. This applies to all the regions in Belgium: the Flemish Region, the Brussels Capital Region, and Wallonia.

Below you will find a list of employment agencies with the compulsory accreditation:

List of certified interim agencies Accreditation number Outgoing URL
Flemish Region 2181/U Link
Brussels Capital Region 00594-406-20170414 Link
Wallonia 0835190982 Link

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Our services

In Belgium, PrismaWorx is active for various clients in the field of interim services and subcontracting. Every business is unique and requires a different approach. That is why we like to meet you personally to learn more about your situation and to discuss the requirements and possibilities. Please get in touch with us for more information.

In Belgium, PrismaWorx can help you with the following activities:

Activities on a subcontracting basis

If you wish, PrismaWorx can perform your assignment on a subcontracting basis. With this type of service, PrismaWorx can help you find staff for all or part of your process.

PrismaWorx is then responsible for arranging for the agreed personnel and guaranteeing the speed and quality of output. PrismaWorx instructs the employees and manages them at the location where the work is being carried out.

If you wish, we can provide you with more information and meet with you to discuss your specific situation.

Interim activities

Do you want to upscale and downscale quickly to deal with production peaks, illness, or absence due to holidays? PrismaWorx would be happy to organize the personnel for your production environment on an interim basis. Our flex workers can start working for you on a temporary basis straight away. When the work finishes, the interim agreement will be terminated.

This is the most flexible method because the number of hours a week is variable, as is the duration of the work. That makes this format ideal for companies with regular peaks and troughs in the demand for personnel.

PrismaWorx would be happy to discuss with you what we could do for your organization.

What can we do for you?

Our sectors

PrismaWorx is a specialized partner in the food industry. The Moonen Group of Companies, of which PrismaWorx is a member, is also no stranger to this industry. For the past 25 years, it has been capturing and loading poultry in the Netherlands, Belgium, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), and Northern France on a daily basis. In addition, PrismaWorx has supplied employees on a daily basis to clients in the meat processing industry for more than ten years.

Over the years, we have maintained close contact with all the companies in the chain, from poultry farmers to transporters, slaughterhouses, and food processing companies. Thanks to this experience, we now have short lines of communication, we can respond quickly to unforeseen circumstances, and our flex workers need only a short training period.

PrismaWorx also has extensive experience in other sectors. In the food processing industry and the logistics and transport sectors, for example, our employees cut and process vegetables, prepare salads, work in warehouses, and drive vehicles every day. This experience pays off in terms of good preparation, which results in a short training period.

We are also keen to be of service to you in sectors in which we haven’t yet earned our spurs. If you have you a production environment in which you need extra workers to assist you for shorter or longer periods, contact us to find out what we could do for you?

At the start of the assignment, in every sector, PrismaWorx ensures that it is familiar with all the applicable regulations so that it can be of service to you within the legal frameworks laid down by the local and national authorities, including rules and regulations in the fields of hygiene, safety, and other legal frameworks.




Transport & logistics

For employers

How we work

An inventory of needs

We will discuss exactly what you are looking for: your specific wishes, required skills and qualifications, and the job profile that best suits the situation.

Recruiting workers

PrismaWorx will recruit suitable candidates based on the specific job profile.

Matching & selecting workers

Our system will look for the right candidate(s) for the job. If no suitable candidates are immediately available, we will ask our network of contacts to help us find the right people.

Assessing workers

Once a candidate has been selected, we check whether the workers have the right competencies for the job. We also arrange the statutory tests and registrations.

Placement of workers

We personally welcome candidates and explain everything to them. During a short introduction, we go through our welcome brochure with the candidates. The brochure contains information about all the relevant sector-specific and client-specific rules, activities, and conditions. These include the applicable rules of conduct and hygiene regulations at the project location – where possible supported with illustrations.


A good start is important, but PrismaWorx believes it is also very important to regularly consult with you as the client in order to assess the quality of the work and to make adjustments if necessary.

For employers

Why PrismaWorx?

  • Recruitment, selection, and placement of motivated flex workers
  • Extensive experience in the food, poultry, production, transport, and logistics sectors
  • Fast, flexible solutions
  • Comprehensive European network with well-qualified flex workers
  • Available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
  • We arrange all the necessary facilities for your flex workers
  • Active in the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Regular evaluations with the client and the flex workers
  • Solutions for both temporary and long-term projects

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