What do we stand for?

Core values

The six core values that Prisma/PrismaWorx stands for in its profile, communications, and agreements with employees and clients are set out below.



We attach great importance to punctuality. This is necessary to ensure that you have the right production workers working within your company. All facility management aspects, qualifications and certifications, and accreditations need to be arranged properly too. PrismaWorx complies with all the applicable laws and regulations in the Netherlands and Belgium in order to help your production process run more smoothly. Everything is taken care of, right down to the smallest detail, enabling you to focus on your core business and our flex workers to focus on their work.



Respect is another of PrismaWorx’s core values. We believe it is very important that everybody, regardless of their background or country of origin, is treated equally. Respect for our clients and the world around us is also enormously important.



We are a company that is internationally active on the labour market. We have a large international network of flex workers that we assign to our clients in both the Netherlands and Belgium.



PrismaWorx is of the opinion that cooperation is inextricably linked to success. By working closely with our employees, recruiters, and clients, we can come up with the best possible solutions for everybody.



Maximum commitment, maximum quality – these are the values that PrismaWorx upholds.



PrismaWorx believes that we should support each other, on the one hand by helping employees to arrange accommodation and transport and to acclimatize in a new country, and on the other hand by devoting attention to our clients. What does the client want, which candidates are the right fit, and how do we make the best possible match?

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