What do we do?

About PrismaWorx

PrismaWorx can meet all your flexible and physical employment requirements by deploying good-quality personnel at an operational level. Since PrismaWorx’s foundation in 2008, flexibility, all-round service, and continuity have played an important role in the services it provides. We currently serve a wide range of clients in the food, poultry, production, transport, and logistics sectors on both a subcontracting and temporary employment basis (in Belgium on an interim basis).

PrismaWorx’s employees are its capital and its calling card. Priority areas in our personnel policy include a good balance between work and private life, fixed teams of workers, and an appropriate salary. It is only fair that we provide you with good accommodation and transport.

Because we have full control over the recruiting process, we can implement targeted recruitment and selection tying in seamlessly with the requirements of our clients. In the area of transport, PrismaWorx operates independently of third parties and has its own fleet of vehicles. And because we manage the accommodation ourselves (a combination of rental properties and our own properties), we can quickly provide our employees with a comfortable living environment. This in-house management gives us total control over an accurate schedule.

Our focus is always on the workers, especially when matching the range of skills to the required activities. This policy ensures that PrismaWorx has relatively low turnover and absenteeism figures.

Corporate social responsibility

PrismaWorx considers corporate social responsibility to be of paramount importance. In the fields of accommodation (use of geothermal heating, solar panels) and transport (reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of combined transport, use of track & trace technology), we try to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. We also support local sports clubs, music societies, and events. Our stimulation of talent development and our support of grassroots sports are consistent with our core values.

What do we do?

Experienced partner in the area of food

PrismaWorx is a specialized partner in the food industry. The Moonen Group of Companies, of which PrismaWorx is a member, is also no stranger to this industry. For the past 25 years, it has been capturing and loading poultry in the Netherlands, Belgium, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), and Northern France on a daily basis. In addition, PrismaWorx has supplied employees on a daily basis to clients in the meat processing industry for more than ten years.

Over the years, we have maintained close contact with all the companies in the chain, from poultry farmers to transporters, slaughterhouses, and food processing companies. Thanks to this experience, we now have short lines of communication, we can respond quickly to changing situations, and our employees need only a short training period.

Who are we?

Part of the Moonen Group of Companies

PrismaWorx is a member of Moonen Group of Companies, a conglomerate of companies with founder/owner Vitor Moonen as the common denominator. The Moonen Group of Companies is an internationally-oriented business group with more than 600 employees. The activities of various companies are combined in one central organization. The Group’s head office is located at the Savelveld business park in Stramproy (Limburg, the Netherlands).

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