PrismaWorx will do its best to make sure you can start working as soon as possible. However, you will first have to meet a number of administrative obligations. For example: you will need to apply for a social security number (a Citizen Service Number (BSN) if you are in the Netherlands or an INSZ number if you are in Belgium), open a bank account (and let us know the IBAN), and register with the appropriate authorities so that you are allowed to work and undergo a medical examination if applicable. While you are waiting for these things to be finalized, PrismaWorx will arrange accommodation for you, if you like.

That’s good to hear! PrismaWorx is always looking for new colleagues. Ask your friend to fill in his/her personal details and to upload his/her CV via the website. We will then contact him/her as soon as possible!

When you start working for PrismaWorx, we will first welcome you at our head office in Stramproy. There you can get to know our intermediaries and find out more about your job and the work you will be doing.

The brochure ‘Working for PrismaWorx’ includes practical information and will help you to get to know the organization. We also give you all the documents and forms that you need.

Take an up-to-date CV and a valid identity document with you to the interview. A valid identity document is a passport or identity card. A driving licence is not a valid identity document. When you start working for PrismaWorx, you should always have your identity card with you.

You should also take your BSN (Citizen Service Number) and a bank account number (IBAN) with you.

Fill in your details and upload your CV on this page. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to tell you what to do next.