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Working in the Netherlands & Belgium

Are you looking for a job in the food, poultry, production, transport, or logistics sectors? And are you a hard worker? Then PrismaWorx has a suitable job for you. Besides excellent employment conditions and a good salary, we also offer you plenty of challenges and good opportunities to develop in your career.

As an employee, you are treated well at PrismaWorx and receive all the care and attention that you require. We believe it is only fair that you receive a competitive salary that is paid out on time. In addition, we try to support you as much as possible in your work and with matters outside work. For example, PrismaWorx provides adequate transport and good-quality accommodation for you. This is because we want to make things as easy and convenient as possible for you so that you can focus on your career.

What are we offering?

Customized transport

PrismaWorx gives you a warm welcome. Once you have arrived in the Netherlands, we will welcome you at our head office. After a short introduction, we will give you all the information and work materials you need, as well as the keys for your accommodation and/or car so that you can start in your new job. There are car-pooling options available to all employees for getting to and from work. PrismaWorx minibuses and/or cars depart from the residential locations that PrismaWorx provides for its workers. If you don’t drive yourself, we will arrange for you to be collected and driven to your work location. PrismaWorx also has bicycles that you can use to commute to and from work.

What are we offering?

PrismaWorx Academy

PrismaWorx attaches great importance to developing talent and supports its employees as much as possible in terms of coaching, training, and instruction.

The purpose of the PrismaWorx Academy is to facilitate training and development for flex workers. In a practical and visual way, we explain what the client wants you to do. We also offer language courses and provide you with information in the area of hygiene, safety, standards, and values. We offer both individual online courses and group courses.

The primary goal of the PrismaWorx Academy is to visually prepare new flex workers for a new job at PrismaWorx.

Employees with talent and ambition are also given the opportunity to gain promotion to another job. PrismaWorx can then offer appropriate training/education that helps employees to take the next step in their careers.

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What are we offering?

Good-quality accommodation

When you start a new job in another country, it can be difficult to find accommodation. We therefore give you the option of using our central accommodation at various locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, close to your work location. You can stay there for a short or longer period, and the rent is automatically deducted from your salary.

Naturally, you also have the option of finding and renting your own place to live.

What are we offering?

Support & health insurance

As a PrismaWorx employee, we realize that a lot of things are new or different for you, and you may have a lot of questions. After all, you have just arrived in a new country with a new culture, are getting to know new colleagues, and have a new job. That’s why we like to welcome you at our office to get to know you as soon as possible after your arrival in the Netherlands. Once it has been decided that you will work with PrismaWorx, you will be given an introduction to our company and your work location. You will also receive your contract and all the requisite documents with information about our house rules, safe working practices, and other information.


PrismaWorx wants to support its employees as much as possible, both on the work floor and outside work. That is why the PrismaWorx intermediaries are always ready to help you with any questions about your work and/or accommodation, as well as questions about your salary or other administrative issues. You can contact PrismaWorx 24/7 using our direct message app. We also have a regular ‘Drop-in day’ at the office when you can stop by and talk to people. Our colleagues will then answer any questions that you might have. We have intermediaries from many countries working at PrismaWorx, so there is a very good chance that we can help you in your own language.

Everyone who works and/or lives in the Netherlands or Belgium is obliged to take out health insurance. PrismaWorx will help you take out health insurance with the lowest possible premium payments to make sure you can get any health care you might need.

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What are we offering?

Our working method step by step

Sending us your personal information

Would you like to work through PrismaWorx, please fill in all your contact details on our website and upload your CV.

Contact with PrismaWorx or an intermediary

As soon as we have a suitable job vacancy for you, one of the PrismaWorx intermediaries (or a local recruitment agency that we work with) will contact you.

Uitnodiging kennismakingsgesprek

Once you have been selected for a particular job, you will receive an invitation to come to the PrismaWorx head office in the Netherlands or to a local recruitment agency for an introductory meeting. Make sure you bring an up-to-date CV and valid identity document with you to the interview.

Travelling to the Netherlands

If you are not yet in the Netherlands, you will need to travel there. You are responsible for arranging and paying for transport from your home country to the Netherlands yourself.

Getting acquainted, basic information, and introductory interview

Once you have arrived in the Netherlands, you should come to our head office in Stramproy. During an introductory meeting, we will give you more details about the job and tell you when we want you to start working for us.

Contract & administrative processing

You will be given a contract, an initial introduction to the work location, and documents containing information about our house rules, safe working practices, and other matters. Where applicable, we will give you the keys for your accommodation and/or company car and will also supply you with work shoes, if required. Before you can start working, it is important that you open a personal bank account and register as a resident in the Netherlands or Belgium as soon as possible.

Getting to your accommodation

PrismaWorx will arrange appropriate transport to your accommodation. We give you the option of using our central accommodation, which is close to your work location.

Starting at your work location

On your first working day, you will make your own way to your work location or you will be collected and taken there. You will go to your workplace together with experienced colleagues. When you arrive, you will be given work clothing and further instructions, where relevant.


You will receive your salary every week, or an advance that will be deducted from your monthly salary. This depends on the country in which you will be working.

Further support

Our intermediaries are always ready to help you if you have any questions about your work, accommodation, salary, or other administrative matters. To contact them, you can use our direct message app and take advantage of the regular ‘Drop-in days’ at the office.